The activities involved are mostly all Quick, Easy and Fun, most of which you are probably doing anyway. Some of these activities include:

  • Market Research Surveys in all forms:
    • Online
    • Telephonic
    • Personal interview
    • Self-completion
    • Group Discussions
    • Polls
  • CrowdSourcing Activities, which is simply the practice of companies making an open call to a broad community (like the MyPoint community) to solve a problem or get a job done, either through a competition or collaboration. Typical crowdsourcing type activities include:
    • Beta Test online products such as Mobile Apps
    • Vote on creative designs, new product look, etc
    • Take photographs of your area and the facilities therein
    • Social Media interaction like sharing, liking, commenting on a post
    • Contests – i.e. photo, video, pin-to-win, pick-a-winner, etc
    • Quizzes
    • And a whole lot more